Chicago Meat Collective Kicks Off!

Last weekend the Chicago Meat Collective kicked off with two classes. While the classes focused on different skill sets and final products, they had a common thread - they brought together people who want to see, feel, and taste where humanely raised meat comes from, getting closer to meat cookery traditions that honor the whole animal.

Friday night we collaborated with the Weston A. Price Society to teach the basics of making sausage while incorporating nutrient dense offal into the diet. Saturday afternoon, Floriole hosted us as we explored the history and technique surrounding one of the most medievally complex terrines out there: pâté en croûte. This demo covered everything from sourcing your pork, to balancing lean and fat, to making the dough and constructing an instagram worthy pâté en croûte.

Please join us in a couple weeks when we come together with @cheesesexdeath to talk about cheese boards and making a nutritious and elegant duck liver pâté, whether it be for stocking stuffers, or to be enjoyed by the spoonful, out of the jar! You can sign up by clicking here.