First Hands-On Basic Pig Butchery Class!

This past Sunday, 1/13, we held our first hands-on basic pig butchery class! This class is at the core of the Meat Collective mission - we directly support a farm by buying whole animals directly from them, and we educate our students on whole animal break down, sending them home with a variety of cuts that they have butchered themselves.

This class was hosted by the Chop Shop in Wicker Park, and featured Duroc pork from La Pryor farms in Ottawa, Illinois. McCullough taught, and she was assisted by Eddie, Jason, and Tony, three skilled butchers in their own rights! Check out some photos from the class below, taken by Milos Otic (@meelowsh). We will be hosting another one of these classes soon, keep an eye on our site so you can take part in the next one!