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Our hands-on classes are kept small so that our students all get a chance to do some cutting, with the guidance and individual attention of our instructor and assistants. When we offer a whole hog class, that whole hog is being purchased directly from a local farmer, and every part goes home with the participants. If you are ready to start buying whole primals or whole animals from your farmer, and you want a hand in the butchery process, the Meat Collective can come to you for in-home instruction, allowing you to have the full attention of the instructor and the ability to completely customize break down.

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I want to buy whole, but I’m not sure how…

The Chicago area is served by a number of small farms that most often sell their meat through farmer’s markets, CSA’s, or direct to consumer delivery. Many of these farms will be happy to deliver a whole animal, they just don’t get orders for them very often. The Chicago Meat Collective can help put you in touch with the farmers, and then help you butcher the whole animal or primal!

Farms that deliver whole animals to Chicagoland:


Mint Creek

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