Hands-On Classes and Demos

Have you ever wanted to learn to butcher a whole hog? Not just watch, but hold the knife? We offer a series of hands-on and demo-style butchery classes covering everything from whole hog butchery to breaking down chickens, sausage making to beef butchery. Where possible, our classes are hands-on, with students getting the opportunity to learn first by watching, and then by doing it themselves. All our classes source animals from local farms, and commit to buying whole animals, or at least whole primals, whenever possible. Our goal is to provide a unique opportunity for students to take part in fabricating the cuts they might see in the supermarket, connecting the dots between the whole, local animal and the consumer through thoughtful butchery instruction.


Who are these classes for?

Our students are a diverse group of home and professional cooks who share a desire to know more about where their food comes from. All experience levels are welcome, and we provide any tools you may need for class including knives and aprons.