We are a hands-on meat school dedicated to reintroducing butchery into the home kitchen. We are part of a growing movement that believes in local, sustainably raised meat. Help us create a community of like-minded home cooks, chefs, and artisans committed to local agriculture and better meat.



Basic Pig Butchery

whole shoulder.jpg

Learn the basics of whole hog butchery, from a whole side down to primals, subprimals, and finally retail and charcuterie cuts. Hands on, no experience necessary

Basic Sausage Making

rillettes mise raw.jpg

Learn basic sausage making, starting from whole cuts of pork and ending with beautiful homemade sausage. Take home recipes, and delicious sausage. Hands on, no experience necessary. 

Introduction to Cooked Charcuterie

rillettes in pot raw close.jpg

Learn to make an array of cooked charcuterie from rustic terrines to rillettes and liver mousses. Take home recipes and, of course, charcuterie! Hands on, no experience necessary.