We are a hands-on meat school dedicated to reintroducing butchery into the home kitchen. We are part of a growing movement that believes in local, sustainably raised meat. Help us create a community of like-minded home cooks, chefs, and artisans committed to local agriculture and better meat.



Hands-on Classes and Demos

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The heart of the Chicago Meat Collective’s mission to be a resource for home cooks to learn how to source and butcher whole animals. Our hands-on classes and demos cover a range of butchery skills from learning to break down a chicken to butchering a whole lamb.


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Chicago is home to a wealth of culinary talent, and Chicago Meat Collective takes every opportunity to collaborate in ways that can highlight local farmers, timeless charcuterie traditions, and pairings that deliver a unique educational experience.

Private Sessions


Chicago Meat Collective is a network of culinary professionals with a wide range of expertise. Whether you want charcuterie for a holiday party, or help breaking down that whole hog you just bought from your local farmer, we can come to you.